Brand Abuse Detection

Phishing Detection

Rogue Application Detection

Domain Registration Detection


LookingGlass Brand Protection Services provide detection and reporting on online abuses and misuses of your brand. Brand abuse can erode customer trust and impact revenues and customer loyalty. LookingGlass Domain Name Registration Monitoring Service, Brand Abuse Detection Service, Phishing Detection Service, and Rogue Application Detection Service pair with LookingGlass Response and Take-Down Service to identify brand issues, trademark abuse, and online fraud and quickly resolve them.

LookingGlass Brand Protection Services keep your brands and customers safe by monitoring global domain name registrations, websites, social media, and mobile app stores and marketplaces, to identify unauthorized use of your brand.

Key Benefits of Brand Protection Services

  • Increase website traffic and revenues by eliminating customer diversion schemes by competitors and fraudsters
  • Eliminate brand devaluation and dilution risks from unauthorized entities improperly or falsely claiming/publicizing a partnership or other endorsement
  • Reduce customer fraud and the associated costs and damage to your reputation
  • Increase return on investment and the effectiveness of online branding initiatives
  • Detect phishing URLs up to seven hours faster than other vendors
  • Detect newly-configured phishing attacks, often before they are fully launched
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