In the competitive market for cyber security skills and talent, companies face gaps in coverage times, talent, or language and technical skills needed in security operations. The domestic U.S. market alone is short by an estimated 30,000+ cyber workers, a problem that is rapidly becoming what one recent study called, “literally, the billion-dollar question.”

LookingGlass Cyber Solutions has a well-established process to recruit, train, develop, and deploy cybersecurity analysts with expertise in many key industries, languages, and regions. LookingGlass has over 80 analysts on staff, and can often have an analyst on an account and producing intelligence as soon as the next day.


All members of the LookingGlass Cyber Threat Intelligence Group (CTIG) have university degrees, and one-third have a master’s degree or higher education. The analysts collaborate extensively with other experts on the team, giving clients the benefit of diverse backgrounds from business, law, technology, law enforcement, and the intelligence community. Analysts typically have at least five to eight years’ experience in their specified field, and most are multi-lingual. The information security analyst team currently includes expert or native fluency in more than 20 languages, including Arabic, Russian, Mandarin, and Portuguese.

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