LookingGlass NetSentry™ threat mitigation appliances deliver a high-performance, enterprise-grade Network Intrusion Detection System (NIDS) combining an optimized SNORT™ implementation with LookingGlass Deep Packet Processing (DPP).

Engineered SNORT™ Performance

LookingGlass NetSentry delivers innovative technology that leverages all the available CPU power and parallelism available with multicore technology on LookingGlass Content Processing Accelerator (CPA) modules for the LookingGlass NetSentry CS-4000 and CS-4000E appliances. The bladed NetSentry appliances provide the freedom to add blades, throughput, and connectivity as your network traffic grows and topology requirements evolve.

Invisibility for Protection

LookingGlass NetSentry threat mitigation appliances may be ordered with a LookingGlass Deep Packet Processing module (DPPM) providing unique security and networking functionality. Deep Packet Processing isolates NetSentry SNORT instances by making the entire appliance invisible on the network, preventing threat actors from seeing and targeting them.

Flexible Appliance Choices

LookingGlass CS-4000E Appliance

The LookingGlass CS-4000E Deep Packet Processing Platform is a converged network application and computing solution enabling flexible and rapid responses to emerging threats and changing network conditions.

LookingGlass CS-4000 Appliance

The LookingGlass CS-4000 Secure Deep Packet Processing platform is a key component of a cybersecurity defense solution holding the U.S. Director of Central Intelligence Directive (DCID) 6/3 Protection Level Five (PL5) accreditation.

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