The cyber threat landscape is constantly changing, and the one thing you can always count on is that the unexpected will inevitably come up. When it does, you may need help, and quickly. The LookingGlass Special Investigations Unit (SIU) is dedicated to handling your most complex and challenging ad-hoc, short term requests. While many organizations utilize LookingGlass Cyber Threat Analysis Services, other clients who need a single or custom threat solution need rapid response. Comprised of our most experienced and senior analysts, the SIU team handles custom projects, special requests, and sensitive inquiries with the highest level of discretion.

How The Special Investigations Unit Helps

Engaging with the SIU team gives you direct access to on-call experts available for any type of investigation project. In addition to customized investigations, SIU offers several predefined products to assess the online risk profile of your company, executives, and key vendors to assess your exposure.

The LookingGlass Executive Threat Assessment service examines the web and other online sources for potential physical and information security risks to executives and their family members. The LookingGlass SUI provides in-house security teams with insights into possible threats and risks originating from such sensitive disclosures, and prepare executives and their family members with recommendations for lowering their online risk profile and privacy best practices.

An Experienced Cyber Intelligence Team

SIU members are experts in the fields of cyber intelligence, intelligence studies, security, terrorism, law, and behavioral studies, and have decades of combined experience conducting open source investigations and threat analysis for the intelligence community and the Fortune 500 alike. Nearly all SIU members are multilingual, and utilize their cultural and foreign language skills to help you understand threats across the globe. Our team becomes an extension of your team that you can delegate with a variety of tasks and call on as needed.

Takedowns and Remediation

Custom investigations often uncover sensitive personal information, company or customer data, or other content that needs to be removed or taken down to reduce your risk, ensure compliance, and protect your organization. Our SIU team ensures that this sensitive information is brought to your attention, and coordinates with the LookingGlass Response and Take-Down Services team to remove the information as quickly as possible, wherever it is.

Special Investigations Unit Data Sheet
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